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  • 160 cubic inches larger than our regular X-BLOCK shooting rest.
  • Multi-dimensional lightweight shooting rest options with bigger cradles.
  • The high-density foam construction will stand up to bad weather and has extremely low water absorption, excellent chemical resistance, and is impervious to rot, mold, and mildew.
  • Improve accuracy, reduce recoil and easy transport.
  • Protects from unwanted nicks and scratches
  • 11″x 8″x 4″
  • Weighs 10.4 ounces
  • Made in the USA


When you have a larger barrel, you need a larger gun rest. Made from the same high-density foam as our original X-Block, the X-Block XL as even more oomph. Anti-microbial, sturdy and lightweight, the X-Block XL is perfect shooting rest for your BFG.

15 reviews for X-BLOCK XL

  1. Prodigyland

    Best bang for the buck, quality product! – I was looking for an inexpensive option for a rest so I can fire my AR on bench position without spending hundreds on advanced tools. This is exactly what I needed ! It’s super lightweight but since it’s a foam composite it’s sturdy. There are 4 different heights and cut outs, so pick whatever is best for you. Had no issues stabilizing at 50 yards and could probably go all the way until 100 (range limit). Highly recommend this, especially if you don’t have any shooting rest or bipods.

  2. Dean James

    Works Well – This works extremely well. Mostly I purchased it for my grandkids. So they could shoot my long guns. The four different heights worked well for my grandkids.

  3. Henchman

    Works great – Perfect for my shooting application.

  4. Verified Purchaser

    Does the job – It’d be better if it was taller. I’ve seen others that are taller. Get a taller one.

  5. C

    Very light weight! – Very convenient weight! Much easier to carry than a sand bag. Well made and smart design

  6. Diane H

    One of the better ones. – I have used many gun holders for accurate shooting at longer ranges. I questioned how solid this would hold the rifle, great unit, would buy again.

  7. Sukie D.

    Light weight & well built stand – Very good product. Well built. I used it at the range to rest my AR15. It’s perfect abs light weight. Easy to carry.

  8. Warren P

    Effective shooting support! – Already cut a 1/4” slot on end and one side to slip over my kitchen window sill. Works out good enough to prop up Pellet Rifle. Much better propping on the Block.

  9. Harmony D.

    Fits in my small range bag and works! – Great for price and quality, works for me but can’t put a lot of pressure on it or tips easy but if your using it like normal and not a gorilla it’s fine.

  10. Rob

    Rock Solid – Fantastic product that works exceptionally well. Been using sandbags for years and saw these. Rock solid and will not mar the finish of your firearm. Versatile to adjust quickly for different shooters and set ups.

  11. The Bullskinner

    Inexpensive, Works well – This item works better than other shooting supports, bean bags, etc that I have tried. It is very light weight allowing for easy transport to the range. It is very dense and will not give, but still easy on the firearm. Rather than giving or compressing with front or rear pressure, it will tip slightly forward or to the rear when pressure is applied. It is strong enough to support any firearm. All things considered, it works well, it is a safe, and it is a good value.

  12. Tony

    Not Bad! – Small but it does the job. I use it to zero my rifles. Very light weight and it does the job! If you need something small, compact but does what it is suppose to do, I’d recommend you guys try it. But if you’re looking for something big for bigger Calibur, this won’t do no justice. I zeroed my 10/22 and 556 with this unit and it did fine.

  13. James C.

    light and firm – nice and light as well as firm to stand up to lots of use.

  14. RB

    A bit pricey for foam, but well constructed – I needed something to zero my red-dot. I didn’t feel like improvising with odd materials so I purchased this, plus I can use this for rifle practice later on. Overall it’s a great product and can be used in any orientation. Highly recommended.

  15. Ben W.

    Sturdy but lightweight – I was looking for some form of a gun rest to use in ladder stands with railing that is too low for someone over 6′ tall. While I haven’t taken a shot from it, I carried it with me to that type of stand and it actually felt really solid putting one of the notches over the stand rail and then resting the rifle on top. The only improvement I would suggest would have been to have a carrying strap already attached to it with a clip. I put some string though one of the holes and attached a clip, so I can clip it too my fanny pack and don’t have to carry it by hand. I’m sure this rest will work great at the target range too.

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