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Six Gun Barrel Rest – Rifle Rest – Gun Storage

(22 customer reviews)


  • This rack is lightweight, high resiliency, and has great shock absorption.
  • Keep your barrels in order and you know where they are when you need them.
  • Contains no latex.
  • Strong Magnetic strip to attach to your safe, fridge, or car.
  • No water absorption, impervious to rot and mildew.
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Interior: 1.5″ x 1.44″ x 1.5″
  • Exterior: 17.88″ x 2.88″ x 1.5″
  • Made in the USA
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The six (6) gun barrel gun rest is an easy access, lightweight cushioned gun rest with a magnetic strip for a no slip base. Keep your rifles and shotguns upright in your safe. They have excellent chemical resistance, impervious to rot, mold and mildew. Be ready with weapon rack

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Weight 8 lbs
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22 reviews for Six Gun Barrel Rest – Rifle Rest – Gun Storage

  1. Patrick

    Nice – Fit perfect in my gun cabinet and keeps my guns from getting scuffed up

  2. Missouri

    Perfect – The magnetic back worked great in my gun cabinet. Was able to mount it low to fit ar pistol and full size shotgun.

  3. Verified Purchase

    Bought for someone else – Made grandson’s safe perfect.

  4. Demon Pig

    Does the job – Not the highest quality finish but it works fine. Should be a bit cheaper for what it is but there are not many products like this out there.

  5. Susan G.L.

    Extremely portable – This is perfect for my buggy. When I’m out shooting on the range it’s nice to just have a secure place to set my rifles against.

  6. R. Mullins

    won’t stick – magnet is so weak it won’t even stick with nothing attached. ok product but don’t count on the magnet it doesn’t work.

  7. Jeree F.

    Fast delivery – Fast delivery. The spacing of slots are a bit too close specially if SBR or AR’s have attached accessories.

  8. PJ

    Replacement product – When box delivered this product was damaged. Notified for a return and replace and the response was exceptionally fast. The product is exactly what we were looking for.

  9. Lyn C.

    Unsightly Manufacturing Error – This is an OK gun rest …..BUT…something went wrong during manufacture with the glue used to put the Bench Master name on the product. It had eaten out into the foam and there was marks in the foam from the glue on the other side as well. It still holds the guns but I expected better quality control for Made in America.

  10. Behold Your Plastic Economy

    Good quality, too easy to stain – I bought several of these and overall I am happy with them. They do attach firmly to any flat steel surface, and the foam material is a nice soft, almost-velvety feel to it. They do have a couple downsides though: they will absorb oil very readily, and stain easily. Also they do not appear to have much shape memory, so they can end up dented if something presses into them for an extended period of time. Oh, and the price is a bit steep for what is basically a slice of extruded foam with a magnet glued to it.

  11. Range Day Reviewer

    Works OK – I agree with other reviews that the magnet is not super strong but it works well enough in my gun cabinet where the rifles don’t pull on the magnet. I think the magnet stuck a little better after I cleaned the surface of tape adhesive from my previous foam rack. (The tape stuck to the back wall of the cabinet when I removed the original foam rack, and transferred to the magnet when I tried out the new foam rack before removing all of the tape adhesive from the back wall of the cabinet) I wish the product was maybe 1″ thicker, to space scoped rifles further from the back wall of the cabinet. I do like the spacing between rifles that the product provides.

  12. Peter K.

    Extremely practical. – Compared to other products and stands that have the same effect, this is way more practically priced. If you don’t care about having a fancy wood stand and just need something to hold your rifles up this is perfect. Very sturdy foam, magnet is pretty decent for what this is being used for, and I’m just happy how simple and utilitarian this is.

  13. The Oracle

    Not Dark as pictured – This unit is fine, good magnets for steel cabinet, dinged it a star because it is much lighter in color than the one pictured.

  14. Sam

    Nice product – I’m only giving 4 stars as it’s rather expensive for a piece of foam.
    But it is pretty nice, very dense foam, nice magnetic backing.
    My only design complaint is the spacing is a little close for modern “sporting” rifles.
    I ordered a second one and will try to split into individual blocks?

  15. Joshua T.

    Works well for diy – This thing worked perfect. I bought for a gun rack that I made out of old pallets. It came out just like how I envisioned I just need more rifles! The magnet is a little weak but this works so well! Now the wife has to let me buy a few more guns.

  16. Chadwick

    Good rest, weak magnet – This is a nice safe add-on, you get what you pay for. This rest is made from sturdy foam, with a magnet glued to the back. The magnet is very weak, and does not hold to the carpeted interior of my safe. I ended up using some Gorilla Glue to bond this to the inside of my safe. This works well for my shorter rifles. Overall it’s a nice idea, but not really practical for a carpeted safe.

  17. Les A.

    Hands Up! – oes what its supposed to do. Hold rifles in an upright position in a cabinet. However, for what it is it’s overpriced. For the money, I expected a molded foam of the type you might typically find in some better gun cabinets. This is cut from a moderately dense foam. Has a magnetic strip on the back which is great for metal cabinets. Doesn’t seem to be a lot of alternative options for this product. If this is what you want and aren’t inclined toward a DIY solution…they’ve got you with both barrels.

  18. Tonasco – Phoenix, AZ

    Very Versatile. Cut it. Drill it. Stain it. – I bought 6 of these and couldn’t be more satisfied with them. Three were used for a project: convert a mirror-backed Drexel china cabinet into a gun cabinet.

    Like other reviewers, I too would prefer the magnets be a bit stronger, but they work just fine indoors such as on the side of a file cabinet. Outdoors, I’d suggest wiping any dust/surface grime off the side of a vehicle before attaching them to the sheet metal.
    What I like:
    1) The racks are made of some sort of dense “foam?” material. They’re not sponge-like. Sort of the weight and consistency of balsa wood.
    2) The dense foam cuts cleanly with a sharp knife. More pressure is needed to cut through the exposed magnetic strip on the back, which is a sort of “plastic” material. Perhaps a fine toothed hacksaw would work better on that than just a sharp knife blade. (I needed to make only one cut.)
    3) The foam and magnetic strip drill cleanly so that you can drill mounting holes through the rack for permanent attachment to a wood or metal surface. I used drywall screws with the holes drilled to accept only the shaft of the screws, with the heads of the screws bearing against the magnetic strips to hold them in place. I used a garden variety twist drill
    4) The foam accepts wood stain beautifully. I happened to use some left over mahogany wiping stain.

    Google the term “gun cabinet” and some 95% of the images show cabinets neatly housing rows of shotguns and RIFLES WITHOUT SCOPES . The problem is that scoped rifles need to stand out farther from the back wall of the cabinet than non-scoped rifles. Otherwise, such rifles must be racked in a semi-reclining position resulting in the butts of their stocks sticking out awkwardly from the back wall of the cabinet – and – farther out than any other on-scoped guns, resulting in a rather haphazard appearance. Although judging by the overall depth of the BenchMaster rack it appears that some thought was given to this problem, I found that sandwiching a pine 2×2 between the back of the BenchMaster rack and the surface the rack is to be attached (screwed) to adequately addresses the problem.

  19. R. Lepiane

    Far superior to similar foam strips – This is exactly what I was looking for. The foam strips that came with my small safe would compress until the barrel hit the safe wall, even though the rifles were mostly vertical and almost no weight was against the foam. These replacements are vastly superior with good dense foam that doesn’t compress at all but is still soft enough not to mar the finish.

    The magnet is not strong, but it doesn’t need to be. It does the job.

    My only wish is that they made a version with even more clearance for rifles with tall sight posts or scopes.

  20. Sean

    Great Durable Product – This a very good product. I was given a long gun cabinet by a relative, the foam inside had gotten damp and musty, so I threw it all out and cleaned it up, and replaced the foam pieces with this product. It is great the magnetic strip on the back holds it firmly in place, the foam if durable and firm, it was exactly what I needed. I purchase one longer one for the back and one with the 4 slots for the side of the cabinet.

  21. Jeff P

    Dense foam, decent magnet for hold foam (not your rifles) in place. – Short version – It works well for its intended purpose. One star off for price, which is a bit ridiculous given what it is.

    More detail:

    I purchased this barrel rest to replace a stick-on foam rubber rest that came with an old residential security container and whose adhesive has pretty much been failing since day one. In fact, the only thing holding that one up for the last several years has been the weight of rifles against it. I decided that the replacement should be magnetic since I am tried of dealing with failing adhesive and this product was one of the few options available.
    The construction is far superior to what it replaced. The foam is much denser. The magnetic strip spans the width of the foam and seems fairly well affixed, although I imagine that bond may fail over time as the foam ages.

    The magnet holds the rest very well against the metallic interior wall of my container. What it will not do – magnetically hold your barrels in place. The magnet is not designed for that purpose. Its function is intended to simply hold the rest against a vertical metallic surface. Gravity holds your rifles in place, as they lean against the rest.

    In general, I am pretty happy with it, but the price is a bit steep for some foam rubber with a magnet. Of course, we spent far more on what it is intended to hold. 😉

    I also purchased the “Lockdown Barrel Rest” and have reviewed that product separately. It is also a compelling option, but only provides cradles for three long guns.

  22. Michael A. M.

    Well made, works, a little overpriced. Obviously the installation couldn’t be easier. – Seems well made, has some fairly strong magnets. Holds the rifles surprisingly firmly. It’s a bit overpriced but overall this is good for the person who bought a steel gun cabinet or what have you, and doesn’t want to mess with the RIDICULOUSLY CUMBERSOME installation of their plastic barrel rests. When I installed the barrel rests on my stack on, it took two people. One inside the safe basically fumbling in the dark with a flashlight and the rest, and the other person has to stand on the opposite side of the safe with a screwdriver, in order to install the stupid thing. This product obviously is so simple it requires no instructions, just place the magnetic rack where you want and you’re done.

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