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"I have been using the BenchMaster for several months and it indeed does help one shoot tight groups. In fact, the rifle is held so securely all the shooter actually does is align the sights and pull the trigger."
Mike Venturino
Contributing Editor for GUNS & AMMO MAGAZINE
"The BenchMaster rifle rest is a rugged, compact and highly adjustable rifle shooting accessory that virtually eliminates recoil and human error when sighting in a rifle, test ammunition and varmint shooting."
Jim Carmichael
"Overall the Bench Master is a great gun rest. It is an excellent design and well made. I've been able to bring out the accuracy of my rifles to a point of astonishing myself. I didn't know that some of them could shoot so well until I used the Bench Master. It also reduces felt recoil by about half. I can't imagine sighting-in a rifle or testing the accuracy of various loads without the benefit of this rest."
John Robbins
Guns and Shooting On-line
"There are few things more practical or more often used than a high-end shooting table like this. You'll use it every time you sight in a rifle, pattern a shotgun, or shoot any firearm that works better with a steady platform. I can't help but highly recommend the Benchmaster. There isn't anything out there remotely as good or as practical that I know of."
Randy Wakeman
Contributing Editor - Gun Tests Magazine , Senior Editor, Guns and Shooting Online
The Original BenchMaster Rifle Rest is produced by Altus Brands right here in the USA.  Over the last couple of years I have been fortunate enough to try several different rifle rests at the local rifle ranges and when I began my search for rifle rests I had a little bit of experience with some of the different rests on the market.

The BenchMaster is extremely well made.  The soft leather rest for the rifle ensures that you will not mar the finish on your rifle or shotgun and the leather is going to outlast every other rest on the market.  I am not a big shopper.  I am always on the lookout for gear because when I purchase gear, I want the absolute best that I can afford and I want to know that the product that I am going to purchase is going to last at least my lifetime.  There is no excuse for owning cheap equipment.

Altus Brands understands quality gear and this BenchMaster Rifle Rest is absolutely best in class.  Please remember to wear your Pro Ears while shooting and protect your hearing.  If your looking for a great rest, go to www.BenchMasterusa.com.

One of the things I love about a great rifle rest is that I get to know that the rifle is locked in and it saves me 100’s of dollars in ammunition each and every year because I can sight the rifle in quickly and efficiently in my high powered rifles saving me time and energy.  As well it allows me to teach the kids how to shoot correctly and get used to the rifle on the range.

Get yourself one of these great rests, take the kids out and spend some time on the range.

The sturdiest, best engineered adjustable rifle rest you can buy.

  • 1 1/2″ Vertical Micro-Adjustment
  • Leveling & 4″ Height Adjustment
  • 3 Quick Height Adjustment Positions
  • Tension Knob Loosens to Make Adjustments – Tighten to Secure For Shooting


  • Quality, Powder Coated Steel Construction
  • 7 Adjustment Positions
  • 3 Quick Height Adjustment Positions
  • Complete Rifle Protection
  • Holds Rifle Securely
  • Reduces Recoil
  • Quality Leather Bean Bag Front Rest
  • Weight – 9 lbs

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