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Sniper Seat 360 Shooting Chair

(18 customer reviews)


  • Durable foam back, seat, and arm rests for comfort
  • Full 360 degree rotation: both with and without the legs attached
  • Power-coated, lightweight steel that avoids rust
  • Adjustable back and seat for 50 degree recline
  • Folds for transport
  • Removable arms for bow hunting
  • Multi-position legs to level the chair on uneven terrain
  • High-quality, cordura webbing for all weather use
  • Arm extension for gun rest and optional camera mount
  • Super quiet rotation
  • Large, solid foot plates for stability
  • Five year warranty
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BenchMaster, an industry leader in shooting tables and accessories, introduces the new Sniper Seat 360: the ultimate shooting solution. Not only can the seat be used for target practice and scouting, but with features such as multi-position legs that level the seat on uneven terrain and full 360-degree rotation capability, this seat can be used in the field for extreme target shooting and hunting.

The Sniper Seat 360 looks like a typical four-legged chair. But it’s so much more than that. It has a durable foam back, 16- by 11-inch seat and arm rests for extreme comfort in long-term sitting. The back of the seat adjusts up to a 50-degree recline, for even more comfort and position variety. It has four multi-position legs, with large, solid foot plates, that can be adjusted separately for sitting on unlevel ground, or removed all together. And to top off all the comfort features, the seat rotates a full 360 degrees, quietly, with or without the legs, for full range of shooting. So wherever the location you plan on shooting, the Sniper Seat 360 will ensure comfort and stability, and a full 360-degree shooting range.

When shooting from a seated position, a gun rest is a must. The Sniper Seat 360 offers an arm extension for a gun rest or optional camera or spotting scope mount. Whether you’re target shooting, scouting or hunting, this seat will accommodate each activity with minimal add-ons. And for situations where the arms might get in the way, such as when bowhunting, the Sniper Seat 360 has you covered – the arms are removable.

The seating is made of high-quality cordura webbing for all-weather use, and the powder-coated steel frame prevents rust. So even in harsh weather conditions, the Sniper Seat can be utilized. Experience the ultimate shooting solution, and use a Sniper Seat 360 on your next outdoor shooting adventure.

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Weight 39 lbs

18 reviews for Sniper Seat 360 Shooting Chair

  1. Kim

    Chair for blind – The chair is awesome. I put it in my new solo-buckhut blind. I like that it straps as a backpack. The adjustable shooting rest is pretty sweet.

  2. Virginia S.

    Easily assembled and well built – Very impressed with this chair. Just what I was looking for

  3. Rebecca

    Good Hunting Chair but……….. – The chair is quiet and for the most part comfortable. It could have a bit more padding in the seat. Like it swivels and is adjustable. However in putting it together the left arm was disfigured and I was not able to put this in. Hoping this can be corrected without returning the entire chair.

  4. James C.

    Good – Good but not great

  5. Thomas

    Very quiet and smooth – Could be a little more comfortable with better back straps but better than most for blind hunting

  6. Verified Purchaser

    Très rapide Produit – Très rapide Produit 👍Assez lourd Modifier l’appui car trop haut au plus bas

  7. Robert S. L

    Extremely strong but heavy. – I love the seat but this is far from being portable haha. It is very heavy! I wish I had a way to weigh it but it feels like its around 45 pounds or more. Other than that this chair is perfect! Very very comfortable! Moves with ease and very quiet. The chain is also very strong and the back rest reclines back! I’m 220 pounds and it could definitely take more weight. Would I buy this chair again. Absolutely! I just wish it was aluminum and not steel.

  8. Michael B.

    Great product!! minor quality control issues – First impressions of the chair. Its very sturdy thick fabric decently soft bottom pad. 100% adjustable which I feel is going to be awesome for those all day sits. It’s super smooth and quiet. All in all a great product! The only things I noticed that werent that good where the Velcro on the upper back fabric isnt the strongest and wouldn’t hold together when I leaned back in the chair and was pretty loud. I was able to fix it fairly easy by make a few holes around the perimeter of the fabric and lacing in some rope. I also noticed the right arm rest extension was catching in the slide, had to take a drill bit and open the slide area up to make it smooth. After those to minor adjustments the chair is ready for the blind!

  9. Family

    Swivel separated. – Placed this chair in a covered box stand, on my third time to hunt the stand in the chair I sat down and the chair felt loose. Upon standing up the chair fell off the legs. Upon examination I discovered the two swivel plates had broken and separated. I’m 6 ft, 228 lbs and have used swivel boat seats all my life with no problem so I don’t feel like my size would be the issue unless this was a very low quality swivel used by the manufacture. I was very disappointed and decided that instead of returning the chair that I would just replace the swivel myself. I had two reasons for deciding this. The first is that the chair is a large item and would be a hassle to return and secondly I can decide which swivel to install. That way if it is a problem with the swivel used by the manufacturer I would avoid getting another low quality swivel. I’m not saying that’s the situation, I could just be the unlucky sap that got a bum swivel and the others work perfectly fine. Now with that being said I will tell you what I like about the chair. My first hunt I was able to harvest a white tail doe hunting from the chair. The doe was approximately 25 yards from the stand and I was able to swivel the chair silently about 90 degrees and fire without the chair making any noise and alerting the doe. If your hunting for a long time you will want a seat cushion for the chair to keep it comfortable. If you are hunting 3 hrs or less you’ll probably be fine with the cushion built into the chair. It’s surprisingly sturdy for the price of the chair. The three star rating on the value for money is only because of the swivel separating, otherwise I would have given it a least a four star or possibly a five and my overall rating would have been four stars.

  10. Bob H.

    Nice Product, Good for Crossbows – I was skeptical with the reviews however I have liked the chair and used it during 5 hour hunts with no problems. The only time it makes noise is when I lean all the way forward to pick something up. The gun mount is nice and works well with my crossbow.

  11. Ronald J. R.

    The backpack straps are no longer included – Let me say I do like the chair there are a couple things that could be better.
    Cons 1. The backstraps are no longer included I called the manufacture and they say they don’t included them anymore because they are noisy, but all the paperwork and video still show them.
    2. The seat bottom is not very comfortable. I bought a cushion.
    3. The arms with the gun rest move no matter how tight you make them
    4. It’s heavy!
    Pros 1. It’s quite
    2. Adjust to the terrain
    3. Price isn’t bad

    I’m dissappointed no straps to backpack it, Tomorrow I’m going to hunt and it changes things. I think the company should have done more than say they are sorry that there is nothing they can do! This is why 3 star’s

    • BenchMaster USA

      We did have a period of time we made the chairs without straps as some people said they did not like them getting in the way. We ordered straps for this customer and sent them to him free of charge.

  12. Richard 53

    Five Stars – Très satisfait et parfait pour faire un 360 dans ma cache.

  13. David A.J.

    Good quality chair with great adjustability. – This is a good quality chair and I am happy with the movement and adjustments provided. The only issue is that the bar between the bottom seat and back rest can be uncomfortable depending on how you are seated. I am able to adjust my position in the chair to avoid the bar from causing discomfort.

  14. ArkLunaic

    I was impressed with the sturdy construction and I really like the adjustable legs for … – Although I have yet to hunt out of it since the season has not started yet, it is waiting impatiently in my deer blind. I was impressed with the sturdy construction and I really like the adjustable legs for uneven ground. I rated it as a 4 instead of a 5 because it is capable of reclining, which is fine with me since I have often taken a nap when I should have been awake and prepared for that monster buck which has eluded me for over 50 yrs. now. Anyway, when one does recline the back, the metal hardware on either side of the seat are somewhat rough. No big thing, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Lay a folded towel over them and you would never know it.

  15. Doug W.

    One make so the gun rest doesn’t wobble so much and a slightly better cushion to sit on – Can’t beat the price and convince of this chair. That being said their is some slight modifications that I would suggest. One make ot so the gun rest dosnt wobble so much and a slightly better cushion to sit on. All in all, I would highly recommend this product to someone else.

  16. Rammer 1975

    Not bad worth it. – Good quality the steel is heavy duty not flimsy only thing is the seat is a little piece of metal and doesn’t support all of your butt so imagine after sit on it for hours of deer hunting the bottom of your thighs start to hurt. So I cut a piece of plywood screwed it to the metal and all good. Gun rest adjustable for height and length and right and left shot. So that’s cool. And seat reclines too.

  17. KC

    Great hunting chair for the price – My husband loved this chair. He said it made it really easy to swivel and maintain his site on the deer. The price was very reasonable. The only downfall he said was he had to rig a way to carry it (with legs and all) to the woods. I think a few bungee cords did the trick.

  18. Amanda Eric

    great chair for a permanent hunting stand – This is a great hunting seat. It is very heavy but once you have it set up and in your stand it is so nice. Very quite and well built, doesn’t make any sound when swiveling. I couldn’t give it 5 stars because the seat is not as comfortable as I expected. You will need a little extra cushion If you plan to sit all day and the back doesn’t go high enough to lean your head back.

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