Sniper Seat 360 Shooting Chair


Sniper Seat 360 Shooting Chair

$139.99 $119.99

(2 customer reviews)
  • Durable foam back, seat, and arm rests for comfort
  • Full 360 degree rotation: both with and without the legs attached
  • Power-coated, lightweight steel that avoids rust
  • Adjustable back and seat for 50 degree recline
  • Removable arms for bow hunting
  • Multi-position legs to level the chair on uneven terrain
  • High-quality, cordura webbing for all weather use
  • Arm extension for gun rest and optional camera mount
  • Super quiet rotation
  • Large, solid foot plates for stability
  • Five year warranty

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BenchMaster, an industry leader in shooting tables and accessories, introduces the new Sniper Seat 360: the ultimate shooting solution. Not only can the seat be used for target practice and scouting, but with features such as multi-position legs that level the seat on uneven terrain and full 360-degree rotation capability, this seat can be used in the field for extreme target shooting and hunting.

The Sniper Seat 360 looks like a typical four-legged chair. But it’s so much more than that. It has a durable foam back, 16- by 11-inch seat and arm rests for extreme comfort in long-term sitting. The back of the seat adjusts up to a 50-degree recline, for even more comfort and position variety. It has four multi-position legs, with large, solid foot plates, that can be adjusted separately for sitting on unlevel ground, or removed all together. And to top off all the comfort features, the seat rotates a full 360 degrees, quietly, with or without the legs, for full range of shooting. So wherever the location you plan on shooting, the Sniper Seat 360 will ensure comfort and stability, and a full 360-degree shooting range.

When shooting from a seated position, a gun rest is a must. The Sniper Seat 360 offers an arm extension for a gun rest or optional camera or spotting scope mount. Whether you’re target shooting, scouting or hunting, this seat will accommodate each activity with minimal add-ons. And for situations where the arms might get in the way, such as when bowhunting, the Sniper Seat 360 has you covered – the arms are removable.

The seating is made of high-quality cordura webbing for all-weather use, and the powder-coated steel frame prevents rust. So even in harsh weather conditions, the Sniper Seat can be utilized. Experience the ultimate shooting solution, and use a Sniper Seat 360 on your next outdoor shooting adventure.

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(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Sniper Seat 360 Shooting Chair

  1. Jim B

    This is one of the best chairs I have bought for deer hunting. The only thing is after a few long days of use it started squeaking loud enough to alert deer 50 yards away. I will experiment to see if I can get the squeaking to stop. If so this will be one of my favorite chairs.

  2. Bruce H

    I needed a 360 chair for my tower blind. This chair can make some noise after sitting in for awhile. The knobs that attach the arms loosen and lower back can clunk when moving forward in seat. I can get away with some noise, but if I was in a popup blind it could be heard. Its a heavy chair to carry out also. It comes with a nice rifle or crossbow rest that is nicely adjustable, I’ve spent plenty of all day hunts in it and is reasonably comfortable. The best thing about this chair is the seat will recline

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