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Six Gun Vertical Pistol Rack

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  • Made from Kydex and anti-microbial foam, giving your pistols soft but rigid protection.
  • No metal parts to scratch or mar your gun’s finish.
  • Lightweight and sturdy, carry a full rack with no flex like some all-foam racks.
  • High strength shock absorption.  Drop resistant and will provide some cushion for your guns.
  • No wasted space in your safe.  The thin walls help organize your pistols without taking excess room.
  • Interior Dimensions of each slot: 7″ x 4.25″ x 1.5″
  • Exterior Dimensions: 6.63″ x 9.5″ x 9.75″
  • Handmade in the USA with All-American caliber materials.
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The Benchmaster 6 Gun Vertical Pistol Rack provides easy, organized storage for up to 6 pistols. The semi-rigid Kydex dividers protect your gun’s finish and are water and oil resistant. The antimicrobial foam cushioning is both water- and shock-resistant. Give your guns the protection they deserve, and organize your safe for when you need quick and easy access.  The sturdy materials and quality construction eliminates the need to remove your pistols to transport them for cleaning.

The spaces for both the grip end and the barrel slide of the gun are 1.5” wide. This is ample space for any single stack or double stack magazine pistol.

Whether you need a rack for pistols only, mags only or one that holds pistols and mags, check out our other great Weapon Rack products.

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5 reviews for Six Gun Vertical Pistol Rack

  1. John

    Excellent product – Love this one. Even has mag holders for spare mags

  2. Matt B.

    One mild adjustment would make it perfect – I wish it had a larger magazine capacity. I suppose the idea is that you have one mag in the firearm and another in the mag compartment, but if you don’t want to do that OR have 3 mags (somewhat common on Glocks), it’s not going to fit all the mags. Other than that, it’s a great product.

  3. Wyatt

    I would rate this a full 5 stars except for one issue of this vertical unit which occurs with some pistols with long barrels. – I would rate this a full 5 stars except for this one issue I am mentioning below as a problem in design of this vertical unit with some pistols. I would still characterize it as a high-quality, well-made product for pistol storage, and the only one I found which will store 6 pistols using only 9 inches of floor space in a safe. (A good value for its price for a quality product.)
    Note: This vertical unit is a great space saver, but some Rimfire pistols (IE: like Ruger Mark pistols) – with barrels longer than 5” – push out through the bottom foam joint.
    This vertical unit has no bottom. The bottom is unsupported and open. The two foam pieces inside each of the six pistol holders meet at the bottom exactly where the muzzle presses down.
    Since the foam is only ¼ inch at the bottom, there is no weight bearing support. IE: If you put a Ruger (or similar shaped) pistol with a long barrel in it, the barrel drops goes right through and the bottom is splayed and bent (scratched or torn) each time the unit is picked up and a barrel drops out the bottom.
    Other and auto pistols revolvers with 5” are fine as the design itself prevents them from dropping down where the muzzle will punch through the bottom. Small pistols like S&W J-Frames, even Colt Mustang fit fine also.
    I think the manufacturers should include wording on this vertical model that some types of pistols with 5” + barrel length may protrude through the bottom on the Vertical model.
    Note: The problem I am describing here only exists in the Vertical model. There can never be this problem with the Horizontal model since the barrels just stick out in open air.
    I needed the vertical model due to space constraints in a small safe, which is why I did not buy the horizontal model.
    I did a no-cost work-around by just cutting 1½ inch by 9 inch strips of plastic from a storage container lid, and folding one strip in each of the 6 pistol holders for the longer barreled muzzles to ride on for support.

  4. Pete

    Holds six assorted revolvers and pistols almost perfectly – Nice form factor and holds a variety of .22 revolver, .38 revolver, and 9mm Auto just fine. Worth noting that the bottom seems to be able to open to accommodate long barrels. Not sure the point of that since it would interfere with the designed upright position. I guess if you only had a collection of long barreled revolvers you could use this in a quickdraw position and forgo the magazine storage.

    The bottom and back are just the exposed foam. Worth noting in case you plan to adhere it or screw it to some surface. Kind of killed some of my plans for it as I wanted to affix this to the wall of my safe, but I doubt I’ll get the adhesion I need to the foam for the weight of 6 pistols. Now it sits on the floor of my safe waiting for me to build a shelf for it.

    Also, the black portions are made of a plastic, flexible report cover kind of material so the whole thing flexes a little. Not quite as solid as it appears, but still a good made in USA product. It’s also better than any of those wire rack and other solutions out there.

    I’d imagine it would fit great in a range bag or even certain sizes of ammo can, and it’s super lightweight. All-in-all it’s tough to find a good handgun storage solution for a safe out there and this fits the bill almost perfectly.

  5. M.A. Vitale

    Really nice product that can make a difference. – My main purpose for purchasing these was to gain some room in my Safe. I am easily using the horizontal model of this product for that purpose and have left details in that review. So quickly here I’ll say that the advertised dimensions are accurate, the foam is more than capable to hold the pistols and hold up to storage use and the plastic dividers/ ends are strong enough for the job also. They are holding a full load of 1911 pistols without a problem. My note here is that if your looking for a ‘quick draw’ type this is much better than the other model. The only problem I found with this one is you’ll have to give up quite a bit of shelf space in order to allow yourself room to acquire your grip and pull the pistol up and out. Of course this is merely when used as shown. I’m sure there’s some clever ways to utilize this rack if your so inclined, to make it work better for you. But for the regular people be prepared to move your shelves around to accommodate the ‘quick draw’. I think out of the choices for these racks I would use this one in a range bag. It holds onto the pistols better than the other. If you need a little more info please see the review for the other style sold by Pro Ears.

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