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Four Gun Pistol Rack

(14 customer reviews)


  • Made from Kydex and anti-microbial foam, giving your pistols soft but rigid protection.
  • No metal parts to scratch or mar your gun’s finish.
  • Lightweight and sturdy, carry a full rack with no flex like some all-foam racks.
  • High strength shock absorption.  Drop resistant and will provide some cushion for your guns.
  • No wasted space in your safe.  The thin walls help organize your pistols without taking excess room.
  • Interior Dimensions of each slot: 4.25″ x 7″ x 1.5″
  • Exterior Dimensions: 6.63″ x 8.44″ x 6.63″
  • Handmade in the USA with All-American caliber materials.
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The Benchmaster 4 Gun Pistol Rack provides easy, organized storage for up to 4 pistols. The semi-rigid Kydex dividers protect your gun’s finish and are water and oil resistant. The antimicrobial foam cushioning is both water- and shock-resistant. Give your guns the protection they deserve, and organize your safe for when you need quick and easy access.  The sturdy materials and quality construction eliminates the need to remove your pistols to transport them for cleaning.

The spaces for both the grip end and the barrel slide of the gun are 1.5” wide. This is ample space for any single stack or double stack magazine pistol.

Whether you need a rack for pistols only, mags only or one that holds pistols and mags, check out our other great Weapon Rack products.

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14 reviews for Four Gun Pistol Rack

  1. Jonathon A. Pawlowski

    Verified Purchase
    Just what I ordered

  2. FJB

    Nice Rack!
    Verified Purchase
    I like this pistol rack. Fits in the safe perfect and able to hold my pistols securely in place. Only issue is that it’s to big for my CCW but is not a deal breaker for me because that pistol is with me always. This is more for medium to full size pistols.

  3. Samson

    Does not include both halves of velcro – To secure this item to the inside wall of by car console I had to purchase additional velcro so I had both halves

  4. Randilee3

    Magnet Strength. – Magnets are not as strong as I’d like; can slide when I have a compact 9mm inside.

  5. Tracey

    Ok for smaller, lighter weight guns – It holds well to the side of my safe but it isn’t conforming to my larger pistols. Pictured is a Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite.

  6. No So Big Rob

    Great product to keep your valuable firearms safe from scratching
    Verified Purchase
    Well made and fits easily in safe.

  7. T.

    Exactly what I was looking for
    Verified Purchase
    Fits perfect on the shelf of my small rifle safe. Great for organizing and storing my pistols. Very soft foam, so the pistols will not be damaged. Because it is soft, there is an imprint in the foam from each gun, but the imprint seems to “rebound” after the gun is removed for a few hours.

  8. Rockt

    Four Stars – a good product for the price. fits small medium and large semi autos

  9. Jim

    Great Space-Saving Handgun Storage
    Verified Purchase
    This pistol rack is well made and offers good protection for your handguns. Currently I have 1 double-stack compact size 9mm, 2 single-stack sub-compact 9mms, and 1 .38 special revolver with 4″ barrel in this rack; all fit fine with no problem. It should work fine with nearly any handgun.

    This rack fits my safe perfectly, but I do wish there was just a little more space in each compartment to be able to more easily get my fingers into the space to get a good grip on the handgun. It is a little difficult to insert and retrieve the handguns with my big hands, especially the 2 center positions, because the dividers are taller between each slot. This unit is great for handgun storage, but don’t expect to quickly retrieve your handgun from it.

  10. Laura

    No way to attach – I’m putting this carrier in my van to hold my hand pistol. It’s being placed next to me on the drivers side onto the motor cover. I was surprised, however, that there’s only side to the velcro. Which meant in order to attach it I had to go buy some velcro! Other than that it looks good. But because of the “shortage on velcro” issue I haven’t actually used it yet…

  11. L. Jones

    Excellent Pistol Storage Racks.
    Verified Purchase
    This series of pistol racks is quite unique. They are a solution to a problem I never knew I had. My pistols used to lay on the top shelves of my gun safe–unprotected. Now I have four of these racks lined up on the top shelf and they are labelled with the designation for each pistol. They are soft and very gentle on the finish of the pistol.

  12. Agent Smith

    I like that its US made
    Verified Purchase
    I bought one of these recently for my ever-growing collection of 1911-type pistols. It holds four steel-framed full-sized pistols reasonably securely. It certainly takes up a lot less space in my safe than what I had set-up before. I don’t think there’s any chance of anything getting scratched by this. It seems kind of flimsy; very thin painted sheet metal make up the walls between the slots. I like that its US made.

    Maybe a bit overpriced but it does what it says it’ll do. I’d recommend it to a friend.

  13. M.A. Vitale

    This product really made a difference!
    Verified Purchase
    Safe space is a very high premium. This product really amazed me in that it not only helped me organize my pistols properly it gave me a serious amount of wasted space back. The dimensions provided for the product are accurate. These sit perfectly on my top shelf providing quick identification of the pistols in each slot. I should mention that you can easily pull a pistol free in an emergency but you’ll have to adjust your grip. This product is not a quick draw type holder if you’re looking for that. For that you should look at the stand up model from BenchMaster.

  14. nj248

    A bit pricey, but effective.
    Verified Purchase
    This a very basic, yet efficient design. I have a small Stack-On safe for handguns and ammunition. This pistol rack perfectly holds my pistols in a tight, but accessible, fashion and gives me far more space than I thought the safe could provide. My only concern is that the material doesn’t “feel” like it should be worth the price but I can’t argue with how much I like the product itself.

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