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Double Stack 9mm Mag Rack – 12

(19 customer reviews)


  • Store and organize up to 12 double stack 9mm magazines and ammo.
  • Lightweight, durable construction.
  • Mold, mildew, and moisture resistant.
  • Holds your magazines securely, loaded or unloaded
  • Quick and easy access
  • Organize your safe and keeps your mags in order.
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Weapon rack magazine organizers by Benchmaster offer unparalleled organization and reliability to keep your magazines in order. With high chemical, mold, mildew and rot protection you can trust that your valuable firearms are safe. Get the system designed to keep magazines accessible and at the ready, loaded or unloaded.

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19 reviews for Double Stack 9mm Mag Rack – 12

  1. Dylan M.

    Quilting 6/10 – Really flimsy

  2. Verified Purchaser

    Great customer service. – Sadly I had to return this item. I bought it hoping it would fit in a very small space. I have limited room for storage and I thought this would fit but I measured wrong. I needed to return the item and messaged the seller. They replied within hours and gladly accepted the return and issued a refund. I liked the fact that it is somewhat flexible. This was the 9mm holder but I have a Ruger 5.7 as well as 9mm pistols. The 9mm fit perfect but the 5.7 mags are a little wider but I was still able to get them in a slot. Once I get more storage room I will be purchasing this item again. Thanks again for the great customer service, other sellers should be this good.

  3. John D. F.

    Great way to store EDC pocket knives – I really like the AR magazine holder to store my EDC pocket knives. The size is perfect for larger pocket knives.

  4. Johnny R.

    Great for safe organization – These are great for organizing your extra mags in your safe. The thick foam gives a very sturdy feel

  5. Tina P.

    Love Em! – Great product to organize the safe. Way too expensive though.

  6. Kindle Customer

    Has one job to do and does it! – I have Ruger SR9, Walther PPQ, Beretta 92FS and Springfield XD9 magazines in mine with no problems. I did have the bottom of one come loose. At least partly my fault because the magazines were loaded (heavy) and I did not have the holder on a flat surface. The magazines pushed on the bottom loosening it. I emailed Benchmaster to see what glue they recommended and they sent me a new holder at no charge. (I feel kind of bad because a little hot glue fixed it right up). I also have the AR-15 model and it’s great too. I wish they would release one for AR-10 magazines.

  7. Verified Purchaser

    Perfect – As handy as a pocket on a shirt. Keeps magazines organized

  8. Randy M. P.

    Made of foam – I thought was going to be more sturdy and rigid, but is made of foam. It works fine but not sure how durable over time. It looked like it may be 3d printed plastic (rigid). But is not.

  9. Dicky D.

    Perfect for organizing range/bugout bags or safes. – This is a delightfully simple product that does just what it says it will. It holds single stack mags. 12 of them. I have mine loaded up with full size, officer, and micro magazines and it holds them all. Why the 3 star rating? Because its overpriced and poorly made. Like a few others, mine is separating out of the package, not the end of the world and nothing a little glue won’t fix. Also, its just 2 pieces of foam having a hard time seeing where $20 worth of anything went into making this. Its small enough to fit in a 50 cal ammo can, maybe even a 30. Not sure though, I don’t have any of those. Will I order another? Probably, its a great solution to a common problem. Is there a chance I might just use this to make my own if I can get my hands on some high density foam? Absolutely.

  10. Stan S.

    Perfect fit for 1911A mags, adhesive is worthless and it comes apart – Oops, wrote the review for the double stack on the single stack. So I’ll at least be consistent and write the one for the single stack here. I love the way this cleans up my safe, where I just had a basket and a load of mags. But whatever adhesive is used to hold the bottom on is worthless. It was separating even before putting a single mag in it. It’s perfect for the Full size Colt 1911A and the compact Kimber 1911 mags.

  11. Kevin R.

    works well for my needs – this is a useful item, keeps my 1911 mags in one spot. I gave it 4 stars as the bottom wasn’t glued well so its coming off. I’m using it in a 50 cal ammo box I keep in my car. Keeps my mags safe and clean now.im pleased and I am ordering a couple more, I have mags scattered about and now ill have them in one place. I do recommend this mag organizer.

  12. Outlaw58

    Like product – Like the organizer, but Mine came apart. The lower portion (base) came loose from main organizer. What kind of glue would hold these together?

  13. EL

    Perfect storage for my AR15 mags!!! – Great storage solution for my AR15 mags in my safe! Able to fit a few DD and PMAGs mags no problem, nice and snug! Note that PMAGs with covers will not fit with the covers on. But that’s fine for me, just popped the covers off and they fit no problem.

  14. George R. R.

    Good but … – Works great and designed nicely, but being a light grey color it gets dirty real fast.

  15. D

    This is a good solution for those OCD folks like myself that can’t … – This is a good solution for those OCD folks like myself that can’t stand magazines scattered about and like to keep things organized. I’ve only been using it for a few months, but it appears adequately constructed. It might be a bit on the high side price wise, but I really don’t know what foam construction material costs. As for function, someone else posted to get the .45 rack for Glock magazines and they were spot on. All in all it’s a good product and I’d recommend it.

  16. J

    Not very easy to get magazines out – Not very easy to get magazines out. If you are looking for storage, without being able to quickly pull one out and slide into your gun this will work, but if you want to be able to load your gun quickly look for something else.

  17. Dweezer

    Organize your mags – Great to have mags ready to go in an organized fashion in my gun safe. Sturdy and sized perfectly for a wide variety of different manufacturer’s AR mags. Holds Magpul, Brownells, MSAR, HK, Ruger, KBI, and ProMag, magazines w/o any difficulty. Handles 40 rounds mags, as well. Product is expensive for what it is. Sell it at $15 and I would happily give it 5 stars.

  18. Kevin W.

    Neat product, works well – Work very well. I do wish that there was some way to make them a little bit better fit in my safe, but I think that this is for me to figure out and not the design of the units!

  19. Fredness

    Nice set up – Nice set up, fits PMAGs well, but WILL NOT work with the dust covers installed (Dust cover end down) or with Ranger Floor Plates installed (Floor plate down).
    If you have both installed this holder will not work at all.

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