Benchmaster® (Cadillac)

Benchmaster® (Cadillac)


(10 customer reviews)
  • 1 1/2“ Vertical Micro-Adjustment
  • “Quick height” adjustments
  • 4” adjustable front legs
  • Ergonomic tension knob loosens to make adjustments
  • Real American cowhide front rest bags and butt stock pouch protect your firearm and provides extra recoil absorption
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Soft, yet durable leather front bag and stock holder

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The BenchMaster Rifle rest is the sturdiest, most durable and functional rest on the market. The steel construction, quality powder coating and durable cowhide pouch and front rest bags guarantee a lifetime of satisfaction. This “Best New Product” winner reduces recoil, protects your firearm and ensures fast, accurate shot group.

(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for Benchmaster® (Cadillac)

  1. Dennis Mickey

    I received the Benchmaster Cadillac shooting rest. It came with absolutely no directions on how to assemble it! After much swearing and cussing, I had to call customer service only to find out there were no directions available for the unit! A gentleman talked me through the assembly. I hope they get the directions on the web site soon so that others do not have to go through all that I did.
    No Directions Yet???

  2. Rudy F.

    I purchased my BenchMaster I believe in 2001, a different model but it still works the same as the newer one. I left my Bench Master last week at the rifle range, I’m hoping that it was turned in to the range office. It is best that I have found any where, and I have one from Midway USA. The Bench Master is far Better!!!

  3. Mark

    I received the BenchMater Cadillac rifle rest in October and I could not be happier. I had major issues with another brand of rifle rest with the plastic threads on height adjustment moving every time I took a shot. The BenchMater Cadillac is rock solid, easy to set up, comfortable to use and I am not wasting any time at the range readjusting this rest. I would highly recommend the BenchMater Cadillac as it is a worth while investment and quality made rest.

  4. Cadillac Gun Rest

    Friend and I both purchase the Cadillac rifle rest and on both rests the level was either dry or missing. Went to Northwoods in Pinconning Michigan a purchased 10 2 for a dollar plastic rectangle levels and epoxied two of them to the front legs of the rest and am very happy. Also using the small levels to install rifle scopes. Just purchased another Cadillac and will epoxie two levels to it’s front legs. These levels do not leak.

  5. Jimi R

    I would rate this 5 stars plus

  6. CM

    front rest should fit the forearm of the stock better or some how adjust the the forearm so it will be steady , try to adjust your windage and elevation the rifle moves and it should it . adjustment of the unit is good but should have a level to show cant of the benchmaster, front rest came off after 3 years of limited use had to reattach it with tyewraps

  7. Steve

    The day after my last review on Feb 10th I received an email from Charles Ricci one of the owners of Benchmaster. Even though I did not buy the stand directly from them he asked that I return it to him. Clearly my review hit a nerve. I am most impressed with how they handled my situation. I sent the stand back and received a new one in return as well as a refund on my shipping cost. Note that they have a Lifetime Warranty on their product and will clearly stand behind their stuff. I now have a great stand and could not be happier with their service. From my emails with Charles I am convinced that he will resolve the issues with less than perfect products being shipped recently. If you do have an issue from my experience they will be there to do what it takes to fix it.

  8. Roger Marsh

    I purchased the “Cadillac” Rifle Rest last year and it most definitely exceeded my expectations of sturdiness. Just buy it!!!!!!!!!!! You will have no buyers remorse!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Greg

    I’ve shopped around for several different rests, and this is by far the best one. It is very heavy and sturdy, all steel construction and made in the USA. It holds the rifle very securely and you can make small adjustments with the adjustment knob. I shoot on a 200 yard range in my backyard and use it several times a month. The customer service was excellent as well. I even bought one for my father and father-in-law.

  10. Clay C.

    Does not move around, holds gun in proper place. Very easy to use. Take it every where I go to hunt or to the range. Easy to pack and carry around.

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